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In 2015, JEZETEK Group adhered to the strategies of military-civilian integration, invigorating JEZETEK with science and technology, strengthening JEZETEK with human resource development and international operation, successfully accomplished the target of the 12th Five-year Plan.

During the 12th Five-year Plan, JEZETEK increased steadily in size and the position in the industry had been substantially promoted. The revenue of 2015 exceeded 20 billion RMB, twice as much as that in 2010. The ranking in the China Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises moved up from 40th to 24th, and the ranking in the China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises moved up from 364th to 295th.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan, JEZETEK deepened the military-civilian integration and a well-arranged industrial layout has taken shape. The innovation system continued perfection and R&D ability kept growing. Capital management made series of breakthroughs and the proportion of direct financing had gone up high. Meanwhile JEZETEK never forget its social responsibility and had earned a very good reputation.

Thank you for your generous support, understanding and assistance for all these years. JEZETEK will fulfill the obligations as a responsible company and make more contributions to the society, keep working hard to
adapt to the market of enormous and constantly changing complexity and stay innovative and competitive.


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