Brand History

Brand History



 • In Mar. 1956, the government made a prudent decision of building up a radio industrial base in Mianyang considering its significance in geography, traffic, and natural resources. Meanwhile an aviation instrument and meter factory called by the 783th Factory was under construction.
 • In Oct. 1958, the 783th Factory(Jiuzhou Group) had its foundation stone laying ceremony.
 • On Nov. 25, 1965, the factory passed the acceptance and was formally put into production.
 • In 1984, Jiuzhou Group decided to explore a new path of military-civilian integration in the context of economic transition and massive disarmament.




 • In 1980s, there were few manufacturers of cable TV antenna and no developers of U-band yet there were great need of HF TV show. There were technologies in common between broadcast and TV industry and military industry which inspired Jiuzhou Group to pay attention to common antenna.  
 • In 1984, Jiuzhou Group made full use of its total foreign exchange, $20,000, to develop the advanced TVR-84I all-channel common antenna system and filled in the gaps in this field of China.
 • In 1990s, TVR-84I went popular in the market. Dozens of large projects such as the 11th Asian Games Village made Jiuzhou great reputation in the whole country and won the only China Top Brand in the industry of 1994.

 •  The logo stands for the world, the globe, the courage and determination of taking participation in the global competition and becoming a world-famous company. WATCH THE WORLD WITH JIUZHOU is still the classic slogan of Jiuzhou DTV products.



In 2013, Jiuzhou Group decided to go global and the logo needed to be more catchy. So the new logo has been formally put into use.

 • JE stands for JEWEL, meaning Jezetek put great emphasis on the product and services and pursues the jewelry-like qualities. ZE stands for ZENITH which shows the spirit of never stop making progress. TEK stands for TECHNOLOGY, meaning Jezetek will always meet the needs of our customers with innovation and create a better life as a hi-tech company.
Our slogan: Think, do better.
Jezetek will react immediately to the demands of our customer and do better than our competitors.
 • In Oct. 2013, Jiuzhou Group formally launched the new logo and VI on the First China(Mianyang) Science & Technology City International High-Tech Expo.
 • In 2015, Jezetek ranked Top 300 of the Chinese Electronics Brand and the 72th in the ninth ranking list. The brand value of Jezetek reached 1.53 billion USD.


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